Facing the difficult reality of high-volume layoffs?

Your company was founded to disrupt an industry and maybe even change the world.  Your employees joined because they believed in your mission. 


We at True Talk Advisors believe that while someone’s employment status with your venture may change, their belief in your employer brand and culture doesn't have to.


The positive values you’ve created can and should be demonstrated during layoffs and furloughs. Your valued former employees deserve a Soft Landing.


The way your leadership team responds to crises will be a reflection of both personal and organizational legacies for years to come. We give you the tools to ensure that the brand equity you've worked so hard to build remains intact, and maybe even stronger. 

 CustomizeD  off-boarding 

services can include...

Off-Boarding Strategy

Collaboration with Team


Proactive Job Search Strategies

1-on-1 and Group Coaching

Mindfulness, Health, and

Wellness Programs

Interview Preparation

and Training

Information Portals for

Displaced Employees

Personal Branding Assistance

Social Media & Resume


what's good for people is good for business 

A analysis of over 250 global organizations found that companies scoring highest on employee experience benchmarks––from candidate to employee to alumni––have 4x higher average profits and two times higher average revenues than those that didn’t.  

Why true talk advisors?

Our expertise in human capital has been honed by being immersed in the startup ecosystem from the time of the dot-com bubble of 20 years ago to the current Build-Measure-Learn-Lean era.

We use a highly collaborative methodology with empathy as its foundation to provide impacted employees with a Soft Landing