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if you're looking for silicon beach talent or jobs, you've come to the right place.

You know there’s a world of opportunity here – on both sides of the hiring process.


You’re either


  • A company who knows Silicon Beach is swimming in highly qualified talent but are coming up short handed.

  • A capable employee who’s on the hunt for the ideal Silicon Beach job.


Maybe you keep coming up with disappointing candidates or don’t have the time to find the perfect fit...


Perhaps you’re frustrated with your available tools and suspect there must be a better way.


Or maybe you don’t know where to start...


In the 15  years I’ve been consulting, recruiting, and training both sides of the hiring process, I’ve come to know one thing for certain...


"The hiring process is broken."

-  Luetrell Toler 


I’m Luetrell Toler.


I consult, train, and recruit on both sides of the hiring process, which gives me the unique edge to identify, course-correct, and help you achieve success – no matter what your goals may be.


I also help businesses with novel problems. Solving problems and creating one-of-a-kind solutions in situations where it seems as though there is no obvious quick fix.


I have an insatiable curiosity for dissecting situations until they reveal big picture solutions.


The reason I’m different from a firm is because I believe everything must be customizable to fit:


  • Your goals

  • Your values

  • Your character

  • Your skill sets

  • Your expertise


I apply big picture thinking that reveals solutions unique only to you.

On both sides, hiring companies and job seekers alike are victims to old school mindsets that are hurting their prospects.


That’s where I come in.

Back to what brought you here in the first place – let’s figure out where you belong…


  • I’m a Silicon Beach business looking for talent acquisition

  • I’m a Silicon Beach job seeker

  • We are a Silicon Beach business with an atypical problem


**Do I work outside of Silicon Beach? Absolutely. There are no limits to the tools I’ve developed to help businesses and individuals alike.**

"I Need Great Candidates”


Many companies have an interview process that screens out the very candidates they should be screening in.


There is a better way.


Why would you induce artificial anxiety during an interview process for a:


  • Copy Writer

  • Software Engineer

  • Web Designer

  • Accountant

  • Digital Marketer


...or any other position that does not encounter interview-like situations in the workplace?


It makes absolutely no sense and is among the numerous old school hiring mindsets that are hurting your talent acquisition process.


 Traditional  Talent Acquisition 


Human Centered Recruiting 

Here’s the bottom line:


The old school hiring mindset is counterproductive and even harmful to your business.


I’ve seen hundreds of companies accidentally screen out perfect potential employees because they are victim to the old school mindset.


This is not your fault.


The tactics of the 80’s and 90’s thrived in a time where there weren’t as many qualified applicants for a high level position. Additionally, resumes standardized the qualities of applicants, which helped during the times when there was an overall upswing of qualified talent.


However, we now live in a time where the market is flush with highly educated, talented individuals.


  • Unemployment rates are at record lows.

  • There are more people with master's degrees than ever before.

  • However, the digital age means ideal applicants don’t fit into a neat little box of qualifications.

  • Companies like Facebook and Google have permanently raised the bar for what it means to be an ideal employer.

  • The best applicants are looking for work that aligns with their values.


Here’s the good news about all of this…


There is a sea of incredible potential employees out there, you just need to know how to catch them!



Why would you have a bartender talk about how good they are at making drinks? Just have them make you the drink


Click for free, no-obligation consultation 

“I’m a Silicon Beach Job Seeker”


The other side of the job hiring situation is of course – the candidate.


Are you on the job hunting side of this situation? Does this sound like you?


  • Are you highly trained, educated but want a career shift?

  • Are you unsatisfied with your current job?

  • Do you feel like you can offer more than your current position allows?

  • Are you new to Silicon Beach and don’t have any connections?


If so, I can help.


As you can see, my work is at the epicenter of the talent acquisition process.


Every single day I’m dealing with companies, organizations, and individuals who are looking for talent just like you.


My work with highly qualified job candidates goes beyond preparing you for potential interview questions.


Anyone can do that.


Instead, my job training process fosters relationships, identifies companies that align with your values, and encourages what I like to call….


...manufacturing serendipity.


It is 100% possible find the perfect job outside of the standard hiring process. In fact, I totally recommend it!


My tactics are tried-and-true. They put the human element back in to the job hunting process. When you work with me, we identify a company that has the environment you thrive in, needs the skills you have, and has the values you find most important.


Click for free, no-obligation consultation 

"We Are a Silicon Beach Business With an Atypical Problem”


The range of problems businesses encounter as they grow are almost always unique to their practices, culture, and day-to-day operations. The best way to find solutions to these situations is for me to listen, observe, and design a solution customized for your situation. Be it training, coaching, or process improvement, I'm here for you. 


I’ve been helping organizations overcome obstacles throughout my career. I can help your business conquer its current challenges and turn them into opportunities.


Click for free, no-obligation consultation 

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