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Our origin story

The TRUE TALK brand was born in 2011 in what was then a fledgling--yet emerging--start up ecosystem now known as Silicon Beach. We produced a series of networking events based on the theme: collaboration is the new competition. Our panel of subject matter experts would deliver short but compelling talks to a diverse group of entrepreneurs, technologists, artists, freelancers, and even college students. All of this occurred in a music and art-filled environment, specifically designed to foster meaningful interaction.



happy people accomplish great things

TRUE TALK is now more than just a producer of great events. Since our inception, we have consulted and coached individual professionals and businesses on how to hire, be hired, and climb the ladder of success in Silicon Beach and beyond. We leverage our almost two decades of human capital expertise to help employees and organizations grow by giving added perspective on what a great employee or a great interview process is. From resume review to social media strategy to recruitment and interview process training, we've developed a solid reputation. 
We are appreciative and humbled by the positive responses we have received thus far, and are working hard to deliver even more value to the people and organizations who need it.

We believe people are happiest when they are doing what they are passionate about.

we'll help you get there

Luetrell Toler

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Founding principal advisor




Luetrell Toler is a leading authority on talent acquisition strategies for organizations and career advancement approaches for job seekers. He has over 15 years of people capital related experience. Luetrell has a reputation for building high performing teams, implementing scalable best practices, delivering impactful training, and recruiting for mission critical roles. His work experience has spanned virtually all professional sectors, most notable is the hyper-competitive information technology space.


Luetrell believes that just because someone doesn’t appear on paper to be qualified for a position, it doesn’t mean they can’t be a game-changing contributor. And just because a company is having trouble hiring talented people, doesn’t mean that qualified candidates aren’t available in abundance. 

Luetrell and his team of True Talk Advisors have the expertise to deliver a bespoke level of service to individual job seekers, ambitious professionals, and forward-thinking organizations. 


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