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"The 3 hours were packed with useful, practical "fluff" at all! I only wish I could have had more time with him to pick his brain. I will highly recommend Luetrell whenever he has a speaking engagement."

- Mark Farley -

Marketing Director at GoYodel and The Big SND Film Festival

"You have people who do things because it's their job and then you have those who are passionate about what they do, Luetrell is that guy...I learned more about the necessities in today's job market, interview process, and closing procedure in two hours than I had in years from other 'tech/HR' experts." 

- Daanyall Khan -

Product Manager at Dogtown Media

"I think the TRUE TALK idea is genius. The meeting of like-minded professionals in a setting that is energetic and informative is an innovative evolution of 'the networking event.'" 

- Lisa Bigazzi Tilt -

Brand Content Strategist 

"...advice has always been clear, honest, to the point, and practical...Luetrell has superb command of how to match job with client and make sure that it is a good marriage."


Teacher, Developer, Creator, Writer & Publisher

"Leutrell offers great insight into how recruiters and employers view job seekers and their resumes. This perspective gives attendees of his workshop a valuable fresh approach to looking for their next great opportunity by making the most of interviews, leading to getting offers and landing their dream job."


SEO Leader

Maximizing Content Visibility with Technical SEO

"...a very informative, engaging and thought provoking format for the True Talk series! The guest speakers were highly adept within their field of expertise."

- Radostina Petev -

MBA | Founder at The Yellow Giant

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