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TRUE team

for the


 True Team is designed specifically for the time-crunched professional who spends most of their  time working in their career instead of on their career.

 That's where we come in. We provide you with your own team of professional advisors whose 

 sole purpose is to support you in whatever career objectives you have. 

Hollywood A-listers have a strong support team.

now you can, too.

What is true team?

We do things like keep you abreast of the events most appropriate for your interests.


We make sure your recent promotion is publicisized outside of your organization.


We can provide you with your personal Brand Ambassador that will attend events with you and facilitate introductions on your behalf (ideal for the accomplished introvert). 


Personal assistant services are also available to free you up to do what you do best:

excel at your job.


We limit the amount of True Team clients we're supporting at any one time because we

want your team of True Talk Advisors to be as attentative and effective as possible.

Services Include:

  • Your Personal "True Team Concierge"

  • Social Media Strategy  

  • Public Relations & Publicity 

  • Brand Management & Development

  • Your Own Brand Ambassador

  • Personal Assistant Services

  • Much More!

Want your own True Team Concierge

solely dedicated to advancing your career?


Contact us today to schedule a free consultation! 

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